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    Denim Contrast Co-ord Trousers

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    You can use these Noise earbuds to enjoy music or handle calls. The ergonomic design of each earbud facilitates comfortable usage. Each earbud has a mic too. What’s more, pairing them with other devices is convenient as they feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

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    Globus Women Solid Top

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    Complete any room with Alexa. Our most popular smart speaker has a sleek, compact design that fits perfectly into small spaces. It delivers crisp vocals and balanced bass for full sound you can enjoy anywhere in your home.

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    Scotch & Soda Mini Dress

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    The switches used in Logitech Silent Mice are made of a rubber actuator that dampens both the vibration and the sound. A red plastic cap covers the rubber actuator to improve the switch’s tactile feedback and lengthen its lifespan.

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    Sleeve Polyester Blend Jumpsuit

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    Jack or analogue cinch cables already provide the amplified sound signal. Via USB, so-called frames or data packets are transferred from the hard disk to the USB sound card and then converted and amplified in the speaker.

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    women’s full sleeve top

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    Logitech 2.4 GHz Digital Cordless for Business features frequency agility. With this technology, the Logitech mouse or keyboard that encounters any interference from another cordless device will automatically identify and switch to a more “quiet” location in the band to transmit data.

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